Class Information

Therasage EMC Certification Program is the most progressive and specialized course of it's kind. Upon graduation,
students will have a thorough understanding of equine anatomy, physiology, cause and effect, treatment of circulatory
and muscular problems. Students will also have a through understanding of how to market their new certification

Therasage EMC referral program will help potential clients in your area locate you. Students that would like to participate
will be posted by state on our home page "Find a Therapist in your area" with your location, phone number, and web site

As a result of limited class size, all Therasage EMC students receive personalized instruction from one of the top therapist
in the ESM field. Optimum learning is my goal at Therasage EMC and that is why I feature guest speakers. Some of the
knowledgeable guest speakers you will encounter are: veterinarians, horse hoof balance experts, chiropractors, saddle
fitting experts, acupuncturists, specialists in acupressure,shiatsu,and homeopathic doctors.

I guarantee you will receive personalized one-on-one instruction when learning and applying the program strokes and
techniques to our equine friends. During the four day program, you will work on numerous horses  to ensure the broadest
of equine experiences. I know that high quality, specialized hands-on experience is essential for your professional
success and personal growth as a qualified Equine Sports Massage Therapist.  

I also guarantee you will leave Therasage EMC with a clear and thorough understanding of equine sports massage

Enrollment form:
Enrollment is on a first come first served basis due to limited class sizes.